Undang-undang (UU) Nomor 1 Tahun 2004

State Treasury

Tipe Dokumen Peraturan Perundang-undangan
Judul Undang-undang (UU) Nomor 1 Tahun 2004 tentang State Treasury
T.E.U. Indonesia, Badan Pemeriksa Keuangan
Nomor 1
Bentuk Undang-undang (UU)
Bentuk Singkat UU
Tahun 2004
Tempat Penetapan Jakarta
Tanggal Penetapan 14 Januari 2004
Tanggal Pengundangan 14 Januari 2004
Tanggal Berlaku 14 Januari 2004
Sumber LN 2004 (5); TLN (4355) : 28 hlm.
Status Berlaku
Bahasa Bahasa Inggris
Lokasi BPK RI
UU NO. 1, LN 2004 (5); TLN (4355) : 28 hlm.
UU TENTANG State Treasury
  • The state government administration to realize the goal of the state determines rights and obligations of the state that need to be managed in a state financial management system. in the context of state financial management and accountability, statutory rules of state financial administration regulating the state treasury are required.
  • Article 5 section (1), Article 20, Article 23 and Article 23C of the 1945 Constitution of the Republic of Indonesia and Law Number 17 of 2003.
  • State Treasury means the management and accountability of state finance, including investment and restricted state Assets determined in APBN and APBD. State Treasury includes: 1) state revenue and expenditures execution; 2) regional revenue and expenditures execution; 3) state income and expenditures execution; 4) regional income and expenditures execution; 5) cash management; 6) management of state/local receivables and debts; 7) management of investment and state/local-owned assets; 8) implementation of accounting and information system of state/regional financial management; 9) preparation of report on accountability of implementation of APBN/APBD; 10) settlement of state/regional loss; 11) management of Public Service Agencies; 12) formulation of standards, policies, as well as systems and procedures relating to the state financial management in the framework of implementation of APBN/APBD.
  • Undang-undang (UU) ini mulai berlaku pada tanggal 14 Januari 2004.
  • At the time this Law comes into force, the Law on Indonesian Treasury/Indische Comptabiliteitswet (ICW), State Gazette Number 448 of 1925 as recently amended several times, last by Law Number 9 of 1968 (State Gazette of the Republic of Indonesia Number 53 of 1968, Supplement to the State Gazette Number 2860) is declared ineffective.
  • The implementing provisions as a follow up of this Law have been completed at the latest 1 (one) year from the promulgation of this Law.